Sebastian Sabra Thomas

Multi-media Content Creator

WIPHey, I'm Seb!- 25 ('96)
- Queer & Trans; my pronouns are he/him & fae/faer; they/them + she/her are okay for a rare few, but any neo & nounself ones are fine
- Mixed-race POC
- Disabled artist (painter, writer, animator, etc)
Portfolio & Art Stuff- For my (visual) art, my SFW is here, + here for active uploads; NSFW (well, currently, still need to make a proper one) here + here.
- For my writing, my AO3 is here.
- While I'm quite slow at them (& therefore most of these are old), my animations/animatics are here.
- A lot of my profiles are listed here, but I'm primarily on Twitter atm; my personal is here.
Everything ElseA "BYF" run-down of my discourse/politics can be found here. A TLDR is that I'm a leftist, "proship/pro-fiction", prison & cop abolitionist, anti-radfem, & paraphile friendly.